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Eyeliner Permanent Tattoo- A Complete Guide For Aftercare Procedure

Updated: Mar 6

The eyeliner permanent tattoo is the treatment that makes your eyes look like you are wearing an eyeliner. If you are tired of applying eyeliner with perfection, then this is the best option to get. The process is basically a tattooing method in which semi-permanent pigments are injected into the skin. An electric device is used in the process, which opens up the skin and deposits pigments into the surface layer of your skin, making it tattooed. Eyeliner tattoos are totally different from traditional tattooing methods as they use pigments of natural origins and your body gradually breaks down. Also, the color is deposited very shallowly into the skin, so the skin's natural exfoliation process removes them over time.

You need to visit a professional service that provides permanent tattoos, like eyebrow micro blading in Ambler, PA. After you successfully get the permanent eyeliner by the professional tattoo artist. It is recommended by professional artists for the aftercare procedure after the treatment. The areas where you have undertaken the tattooing process need some time to heal. After undertaking the procedure, the eyelids will be slightly swollen. For 2-3 days, the color will be extremely dark when the soft colors are used, as it takes time to come into a desired output. The days after the treatment is required to take some special care of the eyelids to ensure the skin heals safely and to maintain maximum pigment retention. In this blog, you will get to explore the aftercare tips for permanent eyeliner tattoos.

-Do not scratch, rub or pick at your eyeliner tattoo as it might cause infection.

-Ice the area for 10 minutes every hour using clean cover on the day of the procedure.

-Avoid getting your liner wet on the first day.

-Face washing is allowed the next day. Be sure to wash your eye area gently.

-Clean the area with saline solution on a cotton swab before bed and in the morning followed by a thin layer of healing ointment with Q-tips.

-Do not use eye makeup and mascara for a week.

-For 2 weeks avoid heat, hot tub, baths, salt, and chlorine water.

-Do not use eyelash growth products 30 days prior and after the procedure.

*Don’t forget to book your one-month touch-up appointment to enhance and perfect the result.

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Stages

Every individual's healing process is different, as everybody's skin reacts differently to the process. Each phase is differentiated by the expectation as the professionals recommend you before any permanent makeup like eyeliner tattoo, eyebrow semi permanent makeup, etc., with the healing procedures.

1. Days 1-2

After the procedure, the initial days are very sensitive to the treated area. You can ice them as often as you need to decrease the swelling. You have to pay extra attention to prevent any external force or touch on the skin. Your skin will feel sensitive to the light or a little swollen. So, follow the guidance of the professionals for the best-expected result.

2. The first two Week

Eyeliners will look dark and thick. You might think it might be too thick but it is just temporary. Flaking will occur 3-4 days after. Let scabs fall off naturally.

Here, in this stage, the reaction will start falling out as your skin will begin to heal. Your eyeliners will look much lighter and sometimes look like they disappear after all the scabs are off. It is normal in the healing stage of eyeliner permanent tattoo as the new skin will start growing in giving you the best attractive look that you desire.

3. After three weeks

The eyeliner will start to solidify in its real color at the point and will begin to look like the final color, giving you the desired output. Aftercare guidelines after this point depend on your makeup artist's instructions and how well your skin is healing.

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